Flawless Follicles Oil

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Flawless Follicles is an awakening aromatherapy oil with a base of Jojoba oil, INfused with the perfect blend of Rosemary, Tea Tree, Sandalwood, and Lavender essential oils in a 2oz glass bottle with floating lily, albizia, and red plum petals. 🌼 🌺🌻 

Perfect for using on yOUR scalp and hair, Flawless Follicles activates well-known healing properties such as relieving itchy scalp and bacteria build up.

Flawless follicles can be used as a scalp treatment/massage and adding a few drops to your scalp, edges, and strands will promote hair growth, prevent breakage, deliver moisture and shine while giving your hair the nutrients it needs to shine! 🐚

Rosemary stimulates blood flow to the hair follicles, which increases the delivery of oxygen and nutrients, promoting hair growth. As an oil, it also INherently provides moisture and shine, which can help prevent breakage.

Sandalwood keeps the scalp hydrated and helps in reducing the formation of dandruff. Sandalwood oil has brilliant astringent properties, can treat split ends, and foster hair growth. It reduces dryness, refills lost moisture, and increases skin elasticity.🌿✨🦋