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Healers need Healing

Those who care for and absorb the pain of others must master the art of alchemy and transform that energy into love, light, leadership, POWER and freedom.

This is the way of the Spiritual Warriors.


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"You have brought so much goodness and positivity into my life, helped me open doors I never believed I had in me. Your energies transfer to mine in the most awakening way, thank you for that. I am fortunate to have found you."

Perperue C. | @delicatefern

"I have 9 scarves and counting, these bogolanfini mean so much to me. The bogolan feels like protection from all the energy flying around us everyday. I use mine as a headwraps, a scarf, on my alter table, and as wall hangings."

Sierra M. | @sierra.macy

"The fact that the healing tinctures and blends are grown and crafted in and by the community makes them extra healing and magic.  I’ve used both the womb healing and detox tincture which helped to align and ease many unbalanced forces within me."

Kendra K. | @4loveandscience

"I burn blessed Palo Santo sticks to cleanse the negative energy from my home and around me. I began to notice a change in the way I walk, think, speak and feel. I loved it and decided to continue this lifestyle. It’s been a struggle but its worth it."

Tiffanie | @tiffaniesbittersweet

"I come to Priscilla for spiritual and emotional guidance because she helps me to see clearer ; Her spirit is genuine ...I believe her , I trust her and if you cross paths with her that's a blessing 🙏🏾"

Sura Ali | @su.raa

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Aust NeferKa's Oracle Readings are rooted in ancient Kemetic (Ancient Egyptian) spiritual philosophy. She will exercise yOUR iNtuition and activate yOUR inner cosmic wisdom to deepen yOUR connections with the higher power withIN you.



Coins & Cowries is a legacy of the Tehuti Ma'at CommUNITY Organization. This cooperative venture began to sustain our community programs focused on Healing, Art & Education. Many of the plants used in our herbal products are grown naturally via our Organic Food for the People program. Thank you for your support!

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