Our Story

Cowrie Shell Oracle Reading in Dakar, Senegal 2017



We are a small Black-owned and operated business venture of Tehuti Ma’at focused on holistic healing for our global commUNITY. Tehuti Ma’at is a revolutionary cooperative organization and resource mechanism that fosters political, economic and cultural empowerment of original peoples. The areas of focus for our programming are HEALING, CREATIVITY and EDUCATION. 

Coins & Cowries was birthed in Brooklyn in 2015 by Aust NeferKa Het-Heru (Farmer, Spiritual Warrior, and Multidimensional Healing Artist) and Preston Roundtree (Farmer, Multidisciplinary Artist, and Photojournalist).

The jOURney began with Full Moon healing circles held by Aust NeferKa for nurturing narratives, voices and perspectives needing to be witnessed, RAleased and transformed. These gatherings expanded into iN2iT Healing Cyphers, INcluding co-creative workshop spaces that provide INtuitive tools for all areas of spiritual development and forge healing connections among the African Diaspora worldwide. Through this program, we illuminate the power of sacred ritual to strengthen our collective mind, body and spirit.



Through our farm INitiative Organic Food For the People facilitated by Tehuti Ma’at Community Garden, we formulate natural products from locally-grown herbs with love and INtention.

We nurture, harvest and exchange intimacy and knowledge through fair-trade, ethically-sourced and crafted goods produced by African artisans.

Community Event with Coins and Cowries Healing Bar at Tehuti Ma'at Community Garden

Knowledge of Self

We offer ancestral wisdom teachings in the form of Oracle Readings and Ritual Consultations rooted in ancient Kemetic spiritual philosophy. These INdividualized services are designed to activate our inner cosmic wisdom and deepen connections with our higher powers withIN for the successful attainment of our life purpose. Guided by universal principles, our mission is true spiritual elevation that will liberate our soul through collective RAsponsibility, accountability and mutual care. 

We are PROTECTING our living legacy!