Our Story

Cowrie Shell Oracle Reading in Dakar, Senegal 2017

Who are we?

We are a small, black-owned and produced, Brooklyn-based community focused on providing holistic healing for the people. We are community oriented and our vision is to be a worker-owned cooperative business.

We are Tehuti Ma'at, a cooperative community organization aiming to create liberation with TRUTH. Our areas of focus for our programing and ventures are: HEALING, CREATIVITY & EDUCATION. Coins & Cowries is part of the Organic Food for the People program established by via Tehuti Ma'at Garden.

This work was co-founded by Priscilla "Aust NfrKa" Amado, and Preston Roundtree in February 2015. Coins & Cowries began as a healing initiative in January 2016 formally known as Sacred Womb full moon circle; a monthly healing circle for women of African ascent. Since then our healing cypher has transformed into iN2iT healing cyphers. These gatherings continue to provide healing space for black men and women alike with the intention of healing experiential, hereditary, ancestral and past life trauma through ritual. We also teach workshops about all areas of spiritual development to provide tools and skills that are practical for this spiritual resurgence.

We are PROTECTING our living legacy!


What do we do?

We grow herbs at Tehuti Ma'at community garden in the heart of Brooklyn, New York, and hand make all-natural products with love and healing.

We trade ethically made goods that are in alignment with our purpose of economic INpowerment of people of African ascent globally.

We make and source authentic handmade textile art. Our scarves are direct from the African continent, produced by black artisans, and fairly traded.

We share as we learn ancestral wisdom and healing modalities, with a focus on universal elements: AIR, WATER, FIRE, SPIRIT, EARTH. Our mission is TRUE spiritual elevation that will liberate our souls and guide us to our divine purpose in this lifetime. We focus on collective responsibility through honesty and accountability.


"Know Thy Self" - Ancient African Proverb

Our WISDOM page is going to be a great source for all the ancestral wisdom that has led us to our purpose. This will be an on-going blog feed so sign up for our newsletter to get notified when there are Nu posts!