Astrological Consultation

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Astrology is the tracking of celestial movement including that of the planet we live on. Its a tool to look at yOUR elemental make up (made up of EARTH, FIRE, AIR, and WATER) while looking at how this constitution INfluences yOUR day to day experience of REALity and yOUR place withIN the collective.Ā Our elemental makeup is ancestral genetic INformation. Everything from the conditioning of our lives, the environments we were raised in, the generation we INcarnated into, our parents' elemental makeup and so forth, create the patterns in which we express our DNA.Ā This can all be perceived through the natal chart.

Cosmic Navigation is an approach of astrology that unveils the patterns that create our psychological and physiological environments. The INtention is to RAveal how the elements expressed in nature can be used to RAturn to a balanced state of these expressions, and ultimately transcend these patterns through the engagement of their polarities asĀ complements.


Elemental Consultation ($125) 1 hour
This is an exploration of energetic constitution through looking at the angular houses, dominant planets and frequent patterns in the aspects of the chart to follow ancestral, psychological and physiological themes in this lifetime. This service is intended to offer additional self awareness to client's life by highlighting how their energy is experienced internally and externally.
Specific questions regarding directional path, tools for personal activation, cycling of patterns and relationship themes can be answered here or brought further into question.

Elemental Consultation w/Ā Tea Package ($185)
This service is offered with personalized elemental tea package at request for an additional $50. The tea package includes a month worth of herbal teas crafted with specific herbs that are in alignment with your body's energetic constitution or what is herbs can assist in bringing your energetic signature back to its origins. This additional service is intended to provide a path for coming into resonance with the element within that is needing to be harnessed for our optimal well being.

Energetic Preparation Consultation ($200)
This is an analysis of the upcoming transits at a collective level and how they are interfacing with your natal alignments. We will discuss potential themes of a three month cycle beginning from the day of our exchange. In addition, we will discuss how to best harness the energy cycle for potent manifestation of your intentions for the time period. We will look at what planets are aspecting your ascendant sign (affecting your perception and how you are perceived), moon sign (your internal and emotional reality) and what sector the sun will be in (what will become a focus). We will look at the dominant elemental forces amongst the collective and discuss how this is will impact the different areas of your life. Most importantly we will develop together the application of a grounding technique for remaining centered during this energy cycle and craft personal tools for adjusting to the cosmic weather.

The Astrologer: Danielle Gazi

Eye am a channel for divine inspiration and transmutation. Eye celebrate my being by being a muse, creating visual art including film and paintings, writing poetry and music and through my astrological practice. Eye started to activate the wisdom of the elements by observing the cosmic forces of nature and the way they communicate at 15 years of age.Ā  A huge part of my healing has been engaging with flower essences and herbal remedies that have assisted me in retrieving aspects of my soul. Eye now incorporate the lessons the plants have taught me and continue to teach me in my astrological practice and would like to offer this to my community as a method of expansion. Astrology has been a tool that has continued to center me in the power of my ability to alchemize any circumstance in my life and recenter my existence to aid in the return to oneness.