Oracle Readings

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Book a virtual reading by Aust NeferKa☀️

The divine spirit and our ancestors are always speaking to us, and with the distractions of the material world we may not always be sure if we are hearing our inner-wisdom or our inner-critic. Allow me to guide you into yOURself through the ancient spiritual system of the cards.

Get clear on yOUR question, INtention or area of focus. You may also request "general guidance"

The guidance of the oracle is divine. Expect the reading to be a RAminder, confirmation or nudge from Life. Readings will exercise yOUR iNtuition and activate yOUR inner cosmic wisdom to deepen yOUR connections with the higher power withIN you. Through the beautifully synchronized melody of destiny and choice, you have free will and you are always co-creating with the energy of yOUR thoughts, words and actions.

Once you book yOUR order, you will be contacted via email to answer a few questions. You are provided an astrological birth chart with the private virtual link of yOUR reading that you can download.

The Oracle: Aust NeferKa Het-Heru

Eye am a Farmer, Spiritual Warrior and High Priestess. My spiritual philosophy is rooted in ancient Afrakan culture, specifically that of Kemet (Ancient Egypt). Eye embody NTRU (divine forces of the universe) through agriculture, intuitive healing practices, ancient modalities and spiritual tools.

  • Revolutionary by flesh
  • Healer and Activator by soul
  • Community Organizer by mind
  • Multidimensional Artist by spirit
  • Producer and Educator by heart


Unfold iNto the wisdom teachings of NeferKa...