Heart Stone

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This Rose Quartz sphere will nurture your heart and help you discover your capacity for unconditional love.

Is this crystal right for you?

Always follow your intuition and spiritual inclination. The crystal chooses you. Whichever you gravitate toward is right for you. If you're here, Rose Quartz is calling you. Allow this element of the Earth to reveal itself to you. Do not project traits onto the crystals. That being said, use discernment as you read the most common attributes of this mineral below.

Common Metaphysical Properties of Rose Quartz:

  • Fostering empathy
  • Lowering stress and tension
  • Releasing anger, jealousy and resentment

Rose Quartz is commonly used for forgiveness, attracting love, and deepening connections with family and friends.

Circumference: 19.5cm

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