What-a-Relief Oil

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What-a-Relief is an awakening aromatherapy oil with a base of Cape Verdean Eucalyptus oil infused with Lavender, Tea Tree, Lemon, & Peppermint essential oils. 2oz glass bottle with floating Calendula and Forget-Me-Not flower petals. 🌼

What-a-Relief activates well-known healing properties of these plant compounds such as clearing, soothing, easing & relaxing - while INtended to offer relief for headaches, sore throats & colds, What-a-Relief can be used for any occasion. Use it as a massage oil or add a few drops in yOUR oil diffuser.


Lavender’s mental benefits & floral fragrance softens the aroma of the tea tree while still complimenting its helpful properties for clearing sinuses. Lemon & Peppermint are combined for their antiseptic qualities & antibacterial properties. 

What-a-Relief oil blend works to subtly boost yOUR immune system & promote calmness while offering relief during a common cold. A few drops can stimulate a breath of fresh energy.