Omi Tutu, Omi Lewa

omi tutu, omi lewa

omi tutu, omi lewa

omi tutu, omi lewa


cool water, beautiful water

cool water, beautiful water

cool water, beautiful water


In honor of tonight’s lunation, Full Blue Moon in the Neptunian sign Pisces, I’m meditating on water language and our aquatic origins. As a mutable water sign that completes the zodiac wheel, Pisces represents the collective unconscious, the realm of infinite possibilities, the merge between beginnings and endings. This fusion creates the loop of eternity and oneness of all things. It’s associated with fantasy, illusion, cosmic secrets and other lifetimes.

It is Hat-Mehit, Tefnut, Olokun . . .

It is indigo, blackness, serenity and the abyss.

It says marvel at the sky deeply and passionately, but be careful not to drown. 



Days on the beach are different now than they were eons ago when we swam upright in the heavens. The coast has become an attraction. The same ocean whispers and wails, but everything feels artificial. Paralleled against plastic sandscapes, the boundary between them blurred, microorganisms flush in the shallow tide. Collecting seashells, real yet distant, heightens my awareness of everything ephemeral. 

As a child growing up in Florida, many of my nature memories were shaped from whirlwind hours spent roaming amusement parks. 

Come here to dream . . .

Have the time of your life . . .

Adventure awaits  . . .

I remember SeaWorld. Families gathered in thousands to witness the miracle of aquatic creatures confined in translucent prisons. Trash cans sat stuffed on paved roads with styrofoam ice cream cups and hollow bottles. I fed seals as they wobbled gray glistening bodies with webbed hands and wide eyes, splashing in the simulated landscape. Just as the performance of whales was unveiled for pure entertainment, I stood behind a constructed barrier. Beneath this illusory playground sloshed an unsettling truth. Beauty set the scene, but backstage laid whips and cages.

The afternoon sun baked asphalt. We walked in circles in the sweltering heat until our muscles grew loose like licorice. I wondered how these majestic beings arrived to the domes they occupied. Without their presence here, they could only exist in my imagination. 

Are they happy? I thought, sensing otherwise.

I sensed a peculiar kind of misfortune, a deep celestial submission, a cloaked suffering in silence—the silence that binds us all to the performance of modern life where our own origin stories lay hidden in the shadows.



On the way to the coast, I passed warning signs for tsunamis and winged fish as the car swerved along cascading hills. I remember the smell of water in summer as it guzzled from the hose, slushed in the pool and rained in thick humidity. In dreams, I heard the drumming of enraged waves and lamenting slave ships that choked in filth and stench. Shackled ankles marched to the sea’s edge and set adrift on the continental shelf. The lost words of my drowned ancestors gurgled in a sudden swarm of motion sickness.

“You can do anything underwater,” they said.

“Even though we are still dying?” I asked. 

My bare feet gripped the mud as I rested on concrete slabs. Small creatures scattered on the ground. All my senses turned fluid. The sheer closeness to everything alive made me superhuman. 

Days the land spent crying, I encountered deep water. Wells swelled from her womb and encased me in a tropical storm. Our home melted to clear liquid as grief washed up like a shriveled limb from the eye of West Africa, sunken to lakes agape for millions of miles.

Our planet is embedded with mystery. Invisible webs of synchronous moments link us together like diamond icicles. Outer space is a soup seasoned with floating asteroids and flaming stars. Take one glance at an image of the globe and we can clearly see that this sphere is mostly ocean. Earth is a Water Planet—but do we really understand what that means?

The human body is composed of a complex jelly water known in chemistry as H3O2. This substance is used to treat dehydration in the hospital. When we drink typical H2O, the body must convert it to a higher stage before it can be utilized as energy. States of matter depicted in western science reveal that the atmosphere is merely water in an altered dimension, containing less particles yet embodying the same flow of movement. 

In accessing elevated states of consciousness, we are able to enter ancestral perception of the physical realm. This lens illuminates the reality of earthly life as a house of mirrors where everything in our environment is reflected back to us. 

The fetus of a child grows in the placenta’s milky domain. Our hands and feet resemble fins in their initial form. We never left Atlantis. We are tethered to tangible soil, too attached to the solidity of our bodies while a pervasive ocean swarms within and beyond us in intricate systems, revealing a vast intelligence that returns our own gaze.


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