Moon of Totality

Nu Moon at 20° Sagittarius


a spiral sun reflects on the surface of water, expanding in translucent waves to the holographic edge of the horizon. in ancient Mayan depictions of the earth, our planet is symbolized as the turtle’s back situated on a fluid oceanic plate whose ends vanish to other densities.


the final fire sign in the zodiac wheel, Sagittarius represents the last stage of transformation before the cycle of life completes. as the bearer of mutable fire, this lunation brings a call for change.


our ancestors, the indigenous people of Africa and the Americas, referred to the astrological energy of Sagittarius as Nit (pronounced neet), also spelled Neit or Neith. she is the personification of the fertile primordial waters, extremely wise with immense power and wide reach. dependable and victorious yet terrifying, she is known as the great flood, the mother of all snakes and crocodiles, and the cow of heaven who gives birth to the sun daily.


her purpose can be understood in the following mantras:


I am the power that creates
both good and evil.

I am the power that decides who wins.


fire turns, and returns. it facilitates matter in a state of constant shifting back and forth. fire is a portal — it reveals the cosmic secret that opposite energies are only two sides of the same coin. this is why burnt wood smoldered to black ash is rich in carbon, the building block of life. through fire, a thing goes back to its original state — the dark womb of infinite possibilities.



what does this new moon mean for humanity and the future of the world? some of us have already been sensing that we are on the precipice of what the Hopi would call “a great shaking.”  written in their prophecies are detailed accounts of the development and subsequent collapse of western civilization. 


we are approaching a monumental power shift across the globe, when the reversed poles will switch back to their upright position. there will be a collective awakening to the fact that we have been living an inverted reality, in the basement of our own minds. we know these myths to be true because they are written in stone, and


Stone outlives steel.


we act out these myths every day without knowing. the Hopi myths, the Mayan myths, the Kemetic myths — the journey from birth to death, from sunrise to sunset. we play them out like clockwork, the stories of our ancestors, tethered to a synchronized system of coming forth by day and night. everything that could ever happen is already written in stone. and you may ask, how could we possibly know everything that could ever happen? because of Nit:


One Spirit of Enormous Power Who Spoke Seven Magical Words


it’s no wonder that those with Sagittarius placements in their natal chart are lucky, big-spirited, bold and open-hearted, skilled at adapting to their environment and embracing change. this new moon is one that is ready and seeking, sizzling like oven coils in the belly of winter. the temperature of the planet is rising and it’s getting hot. they call it global warming — this furnace sparked by the searing eye of the sun. 



James Baldwin’s 1963 novel The Fire Next Time references these lyrics from Mary Don’t You Weep, an African spiritual:


God gave Noah the rainbow sign.

No more water, the fire next time.


this moon is a beginning, not just for the next lunar cycle but for many years to come. during this auspicious time for introspection, it’s ideal to set intentions for what we want to experience and manifest, how to sustain ourselves and our legacies, and the ways in which we need to transform.


upcoming years will ignite tumultuous change on microcosmic and macrocosmic levels. the era we’re entering is one of accountability and sacrifice. it requires us to take responsibility for the tangible world that we create through our dreams and beliefs. what we believe is what manifests — our invisible thoughts and projections housed in that place called imagination. nothing exists beyond this place.


this moon is giving me a boost toward clarity and decisiveness, a warm welcome to my personal sanctuary where the keys and gems to every dilemma can be found. it says to find solace in self and in fire.


Scribed by Alexis Williams

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