Healing with NaTuRally Dyed Silks

What goes up, must come down 
What goes in, must come out
You reap what you sow
You get what you give
As above, so below.


Choose any phrase but the message remains: cause and effect. My mother’s favorite is: “It's easy to enter the body, it's hard to leave”. In this dimension, the rules that govern our reality exist within a continuum based on our contributions to it. How we operate, INteract, and INvolve ourselves within INterpersonal, collective and cosmic exchanges can be from a position of power or pain - at times, largely unbeknownst to us. 

Many timespirals of trauma and detriment create circumstances that lead to RAactions from INsecurity — a lack of certainty INside. These vulnerabilities create voids that other entities latch onto and they’re everywhere - there are billion dollar industries profiting from yOUR pain.

The disarray of energies and how it manifests on multiple dimensions creates concentrated strains that operate in, over, and under drive. As I’ve developed, my mother’s wisdom is cemented throughout many circumstances, transcending time and place. Here, it speaks volumes to the digestion phase. The process. The filter.  

To decide where to go for proper nourishment, the contents of the sustenance, the INformation sent in various directions once consumed is what must be extricated once absorbed or dissolved. Consistency creates quality; the condition of the body is a testament to the ACTive adjustments created based on its contents. 


We make choices to actively heal.
The best teacher is yOUR life! 
What do you want to see everyday?
How can you elevate yOUR. sight? 


Color has the ability to enhance the mind and shift the body into calm or alert states. Our ability to heal through color can be activated through our relationship with NTR (divinity) - light from RA (the sun), the vibrancy of our food, flowers in our home or hands-on activities such as coloring books, painting, and of course, natural dyes!





“I get it from the crown…
which means you get it when I'm around!”




Our Logwood Silk Charmeuse is made with Logwood sourced from the jungles of Belize, Central America. The rich purples, blues and blacks are RAleased from heat activation of the tree bark, stimulating a consistent standard of colors, very different from Safflower, which can range from yellow to pink… or Cochineal, which can range from red to purple, depending on the

The stability of this wood allows for a luscious depth that is simultaneously soothing and hypnotic. As downloads are RAceived, a truth is established. Aligned with the Crown Aritu (chakra/energy center), the activation of the pineal gland establishes divine stimulation, awareness, cosmic connection, enlightenment, imagination, intuition, foresight, comprehension, innerstanding, vision, and truth in its balanced state.

Due to the NaTuRe of this highly RAceptive communion with INformation in all degrees and forms, the sensitivity of the crown aritu (energy center) garners much cultivation and protection, discerning what is coming forth.

Our connection to this material reality is secured through our bodies. There are several systems working in tanduum to establish equilibrium between what goes in and what comes out. The nervous system is the executive sensory function as it navigates INformation through the eyes, spinal cord and the brain, coordinating activity across the diverse internal ecosystem of the body.

AFFERENT nerves carry sensory INformation from receptor neurons INto the central nervous system such as the skin or the eyes. External stimulation creates internal sensations within the brain after the stimulus is translated via the afferent nerve pathways.

The scarcity, INtensive labor, and high level of production cemented a distinguished value for logwood, especially amongst those who could RAceive access. Purple, therefore, became associated with royalty, their appointed connections to the divine granting them worthy of the time, effort and care to extricate and RAfine the color. 

Everything is significant and creates an opportunity to learn, cultivate, and adapt.

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