What’s All This Eclipse Talk About?

Now that “spirituality” and “consciousness” are extremely trendy, its to be expected that in some ways the once profound philosophical discussion has lost its luster. Oddly everyone and they’re cousin is talking about the moon, healing and everything in-between, yet living in a perpetual existential crisis. If we KNOW so much, why is everything lacking so much substance? It’s like we’re talking about it all but still not really getting it. Allow me to unpack this amazing time and how we can all connect to it in very REAL and ROOTED ways.

Consider this back to basics for both those who have no clue what an eclipse is, and those who are dedicated students of the stars.

Let’s start with the lunar cycle in general. Yes, you ain’t buggin - full moons and nu moons happen regularly. They aren’t actually rare occasions but they are still special occurrences because they represent primary stages in natural cycles — particularly our movement through the galaxy. We live on Earth, and our bodies are earthly. The same things that impact the Earth effect our bodies in seemingly subtle ways — like the moon.

For centuries people have theorized and debated the origin of the moon. Here’s some of what we think we KNOW…

  • Earth’s Moon stabilizes our planet's orbital axis or tilt giving us seasons.
  • The gravitational pull of the moon and sun impacts the tides (rise and fall in sea levels).
  • It takes 28 days for the moon to orbit the Earth (this is the lunar standard and on a more technical note this is not exact and shifts due to a number of factors).

There are many other natural cycles that are on average 28 days. The female menstrual cycle is one of them and the most commonly associated with the lunar cycle. In original/indigenous cultures, particularly Ancient Afrakan and Native American spiritual traditions, the moon is associated with the nurturing and emotional aspect of feminine energy. Its no wonder why full moons are generally times of heightened emotions and energetic sensitivity.

We can get very scientific and technical, but truly that would run us into a wall because there is just so much that we don’t really know and can’t really prove. Eye prefer not to rely on trusting materialist/reductionist scientists, who frankly have no intimate relationship with nature and spirit.

The Eclipse to me is simply the synchronicity of the Earth, Sun and Moon. On a technical level here is what’s happening:

On the more spiritual and metaphysical side of things, this impacts our energetic experience in a very grounded way. Even if we think in terms of gravity, the sun clearly amplifies the effect that the moon is having, and possibly even creating it. For example, this partial solar Eclipse in Cancer is an amplified Nu Moon. It’s basically lunar energy times 3 because the moon is also the body associated with Cancer, the crab zodiac. The crab inhabits both the waters and the earth. This energy of cleansing and purification is coupled with lots of love, comfort and nurturing. The way that manifests for each of us will be different and depends on our own energy, natal chart, and most importantly CHOICES.

It’s a Nu Moon and as much as eye have entered into a phase of intentional observance and alignment with the lunar cycles, eye realize that not many people are tracking and connecting with the Mother Moon on this level - but a lot of us desire to have this connection.

For me the connection began with my commitment to healing my womb and holding space for others to heal. With the blessing of Aust, eye began holding healing fire rituals intentionally aligning with the full moon every single month. Aust is the ancient Afrakan divine mother spirit, more commonly known by her Greek name Isis. In the Ifa tradition of the Yoruba she is Oshun, and in the Voodun tradition of Haiti she is Erzulie Dantor. This energy is the soothing force of love that we described as the lunar energy. These are not deities, but rather interpretations of this universal force of NaTuRe.

Another aspect to keep in mind is that astrology is DEEP. You can always go deeper, no matter how much you know. My beautiful sistar Imani was visiting from Cali and gave me the gift of unpacking many deeper layers of my own natal chart. Her wisdom reminded me to pay attention to the alignment of all the other planets and celestial bodies because they are the blueprint of the energy field.

Take into consideration that Pluto is opposite the Eclipse. Pluto is the energy of the shadowy realms, trauma, powerlessness and things that are taboo. What does this mean? You’ll be presented with opportunities to TAKE YOUR POWER. This can present itself in various ways so note the behaviors and patterns of victimization in your life. When you see the pattern and find its source, that brings your opportunity to exercise your power and use it to heal and protect yourself. On the contrary if you are the one causing the pain or taking advantage of other beings, your day of reckoning is on the horizon.

The universe is fertile. Your thoughts, words, actions and habits right now are going to have far-reaching outcomes.

Practical guide to connecting and harmonizing with this nu cycle:
  1. Earth yourself. Get your toes in the soil. Get your hands dirty. Find ways to directly root yourself to the Earth. If you’re in NYC joins us at Tehuti Ma’at Garden in Brooklyn for a volunteer day.
  2. Spend more time at home. Clean up your space. Make home feel safe and comforting. Your life is likely to pull you home and if you make home ready to receive you, your spirit will respond. Your body is also your home.
  3. SAY WHAT NEEDS TO BE SAID. Just be authentic and true to yourself. Think before you speak and make sure you are able to be accountable to your words.
  4. DON’T FEEL SORRY FOR YOURSELF. This is not the time to wallow in self pity. Go out for a run, take a class, anything to keep your spirits elevated. Don’t get caught up in a moment passed… BE PRESENT.
  5. COUNT YOUR BLESSINGS. Write them out and fill yourself with gratitude for the little things, like your breath.
  6. Take an inventory of where your energy is going and coming from. This is the time to limit the sketchy interactions and set strong boundaries.
  7. VALUE YOURSELF. See yourself! Celebrate your accomplishments. Dance! Feel your body and appreciate it. Take care of yourself.
  8. EMBRACE TRANSFORMATION. Eye challenge you to join the 28 day Healing Challenge: #KhepeRAchallenge

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IN darkness + light,
Aust NfrKa Het-Heru

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