ACTivate Will Power with Marigold

Night will fall but 
A new day must rise



The journey of strength is a solitary one. Uncovering yOUR means of INtimacy & modes of embrace RAquires IDentification by distinguishing oneself before uniting with another. One of the last revelations a lover would impart to me: “love is not enough”. Passion and drive ignite the momentum but what makes it last? 


The maintenance. 
Consistent attentiveness. 
Clarity through many shifting parts to navigate the path.


Our initial conceptions are a complex weave of desire and necessity, potential and purpose, chance and choice, all collapsing time within the now. The circumstances surrounding our lived experiences can easily be perceived through shame, guilt, unworthiness, blame, and judgment until we filter and find the necessity of each moment to strengthen us through accountability, acceptance, truth, embrace and value. Once we rise from victim to victor, we realize the construction of our reality is cemented by our ability to learn from many situations, define the circumstances that creates them, and craft our reality to REALize our destiny.  


Shifting the internal narrative of our wounds is not linear, nor easy. It RAquires a great amount of active consideration and emotional energy; for this reason many choose, consciously or subconsciously, to keep them tucked away, push them off to the side, and continue to suppress and deny. However, the deeper we go into our pain, the more we transform it to power; true, genuine strength from cultivation and endurance. By realizing deep shame, guilt, or judgment, we begin to accept that we cannot change the past, we must embrace the present with gratitude for what it is. This is how we consciously co-create our future from a space of worth.


Everything happens inside – 
Reason occurs in our mind, 
Emotions are felt through the body, 
Our birth happens withIN a womb. 
So go THERE!


& when we rise again, we SHINE from the INside out. 
Much like the Sun, the bright center of our Solar system.


We all SHINE on… 
like the moon and the stars and the sun”




Our Marigold Silk Charmeuse is crafted from our organically grown Calendula at Tehuti Ma’at Garden in Weeksville, Brooklyn. The versatility of this flower is apparent through the innumerable ways it can be utilized as a healing modality: topically for skin, ingested for menstrual cramps, ease within digestion, alleviate scalp irritation, a natural repellent for insects, and of course - to color shift materials. The range of stark and soft tones form a consistent base for the integration of colors to be achieved INcluding green when combined with blue, and orange when combined with pink.


The vibrancy of yellow is abundant throughout nature, a calm magnetism that attracts plenty. The brighter it radiates, the more it attracts, RAflecting its internal RAsources onto others. Aligned with the Solar Plexus Aritu (chakra/energy center), the INternal sun signifies authenticity, courage, determination, assurance, vitality, purpose, efficacy, discipline, RAsponsibility, will power, direction and the ability to transform when in its balanced state.

The NaTuRe of this stabilizing life force must be wielded with a great degree of INtent and concentration – consistent preparation must be unwavering in order to maintain its energetic field internally for paramount external activation.

Our connection to our material reality is secured through our bodies. There are several systems working in tanduum to establish equilibrium between what goes in and what comes out. The nervous system is the executive sensory function as it navigates INformation through the eyes, spinal cord and the brain, coordinating activity across the diverse internal ecosystem of the body. 

EFFERENT nerves carry sensory INformation to the receptor neurons in the body from the central nervous system. Due to the direct interconnection of afferent and efferent neurons, the brain does not always require involvement - such as reflex reactions. If motor/efferent fibers are destroyed, you are not able to carry information through yOUR body, because the command won’t be transmitted from the brain. If sensory/afferent fibers are affected, you and yOUR brain won’t be notified by the sensory organs. Seemingly INstinctual movements are actually calculated with a high degree of speed and accuracy.

As for the Solar Plexus, a complex system of nerves and ganglia, are located in the center of the abdomen, the pit of the stomach. It is a central part of the sympathetic nervous system and a pivotal component of the stomach, kidneys, liver and adrenal glands. It is quite literally the center of ACTivity in the body.

This energy center vibrates yellow. The frequency of yellow is notably stimulating and has an elevating quality to it. From solar to golden, the energy exudes joy, inspiration, celebration, activity, INtention, and INtelligence. 🌼




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