Selenite Crystal

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"The Ancestors Stone" Selenite is a crystallized variety of the mineral gypsum. It is composed of calcium sulfate dihydrate (meaning that it has two molecules of water), with the chemical formula CaSO.

Is this crystal right for you?

Always follow your intuition and spiritual inclination. The crystal chooses you. Whichever you gravitate toward is right for you. If you're here, Selenite is calling you. Allow this element of the Earth to reveal itself to you. Do not project traits onto the crystals. That being said, use discernment as you read the most common attributes of this mineral below.

Common Metaphysical Properties of Selenite:

  • Protection from psychic attacks
  • Mental and emotional stability
  • Cleanses the mind of "negativity"

Selenite is commonly used in spiritual ceremony and ritual, particularly ancestral (angelic) communication and alter/shrine work.

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