Naturally Hand-Dyed Silk

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Selection of natural pigment silks. Alchemical plant matter is utilized to shift the pigment of natural fibers. Luxe, delicate silks are enriched with the depths of hardwoods and the buoyancy of flowers onto everlasting materials.

The silk can be draped on the body, styled over furnishings, utilized as a partition or worn as/with accessories. Each variation is unique due to the nature of this craft. Each will be a spontaneous, yet INtentional, offering due to the NaTuRal chemistry.

Product Description: All items are dyed with naturally derived plants and minerals. Each piece is custom and made-to-order. Please allow 10-14 days for completion. Create your own relationship with plant matter by considering the time, effort, and care you encounter within yOUR daily life. 100% from the Earth.

Measurement: 1 m/40 inches (raw cut edges)

Care: Hand wash with pH neutral soap in cold water. 

Disclaimer: Expect form and fade over time as the silks INteract with light, water and air. The silks in the photos are samples and only serve as a potential outcome. Each is one-of-a-kind. Kindly expect the unexpected, NaTuRe always has surprises.


  • Product: Logwood Naturally Dyed Silk Charmeuse   
  • Dye Description: Sourced from Dangriga, Belize, Logwood (Haematoxylum campechianum) is embraced by the waters of Campeche and the Yucatan, native to Belize, Guatemala, and Mexico. It was utilized by our ancestors to treat diarrhea and bleeding. By the late 1500’s, the Spanish began exporting large cargoes from the Yucatan peninsula as a source of color shifting natural pigments. The early 1600’s saw the presence of the British who established their stake in the excavation of logwood and mahogany, cementing Belize as the main source of timber extraction. 
  • Chemical Composition: C16H14O6, C16H12O6   
  • Type of Material: Silk Charmeuse 
  • Price: $198



  • Product: Marigold Naturally Dyed Silk Charmeuse   
  • Dye Descriptions: Grown locally at Tehuti Ma’at Community Garden in Weeksville, Brooklyn, Marigold (Tagetes erecta) is native to Mexico, Central America, and widely used in India. The delicacy of their life, blooming from mid spring to early autumn, and the vibrancy of their hues and fragrance aid in the souls transitions back to its home during Dia de los Muertos. Marigold’s auspicious yellows and oranges adorn the Torana (Sanskrit for “gateway”) of festivals and weddings within Indian cultures as a signifier of courage, sacrifice, trust in the divine and a will to overcome obstacles. The Aztec were one of the first to medicinally and magically interact with the plant for headaches, toothaches, digestive soothing, skin ailments, mosquito repellent and, of course, dyes. High amounts of carotenoids and lutein are found in Marigold which allows its yellow to reddish orange pigment.
  • Type of Material: Silk Charmeuse 
  • Price: $189